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The Thomas in Us

Habakkuk 3:17-19; John 20:19-29   From time to time, I come across friendly “skeptics,” folks who say that they would believe in God if God would only send them a sign. I take them seriously, for there have been times...

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Wrong Expectations – Palm Sunday

Psalm 118:14-29; Mark. 11:1-11  Friends, we have arrived in the Holy City. Finally!  After a long, interesting road journey with Jesus, we just entered in Jerusalem.  But Jesus is not an ordinary visitor, which explains how he is received with...

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Reversal of Fortunes

Acts 16:5-15; John 16:16-22 Our Lenten journey with Jesus continues – in just a few days, on Palm Sunday, we will walk across the walled city of Jerusalem and a multitude along the main road will be waiting for us....

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Is There No More Balm in Gilead?

Jeremiah 8:18-22; Luke 6:1-11     Like most nations on earth, Israel at times experienced very harsh days and suffering, and most Biblical witnesses felt that all that distress, all that suffering was caused by the nation’s idolatry and unfaithfulness....

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